1. Install USB Webcam from Android Market.  Turn on USB debugging (Settings->Application->Development->USB Debugging).

2. Download and Install the PC Host application below for Windows, by running the setup program.  Note the installation directory for step 4.

3. Make sure that the Phone USB driver is installed correctly.  Follow the instructions by Google, or if you are experienced, in the device manager, install a driver for “ADB Interface” or similar.  When prompted for the driver location, browse to the USB Webcam program directory.

If it installed correctly, under System Properties->Device Manager->Android Phone you should see Android Composite ADB Interface.

User Will has posted a video that may be helpful if you are having problems:

If you don’t see anything like “ADB Interface” in the device manager, there is a fix.  See the FAQ page.


1. Plug your phone in via USB, and run the start menu program “USB Webcam”.  Start USB Webcam on your phone.

2. Start Skype, for example.  You should have a new webcam to choose in the settings pages.  While the phone app is running, you should see a video feed.  While the phone app is closed, a pink screen should show.

Download Latest Version:

USB Webcam PC Host
Release 0.40 for 32-bit Windows XP/Vista/7


Note for 64-bit Windows Server users:  may need to install

VC90 redistributable (x86 compatibility)

Version History:

PC Host

0.12 – first working version

0.11 – bad

0.10 – first release, bad

Phone app

0.12 – removed phone preview, new app listing on market (bug)

0.11 – removed crash on keyboard flip

0.10 – first release