Some random DIY computer projects

This project is sort of dead for now…

Android is great, but on Windows applications do not access webcams in a unified way at all (without requiring drive development).  Might revisit this in a few months.

Marco has created a Linux driver for USB Webcam for Android, based on vloopback, which should be compatible with V4L1.  Source code only so far.

From Marco:

here it is an experimental release:
Build and usage instruction are in the readme (that’s displayed just in the homepage)
Still needing to optimize and to have a proper configuration gui, but it’s already usable 😉
Let me know about feedback..

This combination of Phone and PC app version adds Nexus One support and also choice of resolution.  As far as frame rate, 3fps is typical on all phones, after a week of tuning.  This rate seems to maximize compatibility.  Will keep trying to improve this.

Important! For version 0.4, both the phone app and pc app must be updated.

A few folks are asking about Nexus One support.  I should be getting ahold of one in a few days.  Thanks for the feedback!

Welcome Hong Kong and Argentinian USB Webcam for Android users!

Released a new version which hopefully works with the droid.  Can anybody test it?

Thank you to everyone who tried (in vain) to get the windows host and phone app working.  In short, there were still some large bugs added after packaging the installer, which made it impossible to get working more or less.  Also, I had ignored the fact that it is almost impossible to get Google’s USB Phone driver and to install it unless you are a developer.  This version (0.12) of the windows host and the latest (0.12) phone app should be usable.  It has just been tested on several fresh installations of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit), with a T-mobile G1/HTC Dream.



Update 0.12


Updated phone app, available on Android Market.

Version 0.12

– removed phone video preview

– addressed freeze bug after Skype/windows app close

Small update


An webcam image of an image of a webcam image...

Thank you for your interest and feedback on the first release version.  This version had a bug introduced which pretty much prevented it from working at all.  Sorry!  Please try this somewhat fixed version.  Remember, you still need to install both the phone application and the PC application/driver.  Also, remember to run the small start menu program before starting Skype.

Version 0.11

Updated the host driver and the phone application:

– host driver no longer displays annoying pop-up boxes

– Skype black screen error removed

For phone application:

– Crash on screen flip fixed (I hope) thanks cxyb

Thanks to those that posted their experiences!

Presenting, a USB-tethered webcam application for phones and devices running Google Android OS. Your phone has a perfectly good microphone and video camera. Why buy or manufacture a separate USB webcam product to do the same thing? Help save the Earth and save some cash by using USB Webcam for Android.

There are two parts to USB Webcam for Android: One piece is installed on the phone or device via Android Market, and the other piece is installed on the Windows PC. A background process can be started or stopped in Windows, and while the process is running, DirectShow-compatible video chat clients or capture programs can use phone as a camera and/or microphone.

The camera and microphone functions are somewhat independent, this could be named USB Microphone just as easily.

It turns out, most video chat applications require kernel-mode video capture drivers (oops, this one is user-mode) and few applications use DirectShow at all for audio capture. So currently, besides specific capture applications, USB Webcam is probably most useful for Skype.

Compatibility so far:

Skype – video only
Amcap – video and audio
VLC Media Player – partial video and audio
Yawcam (very good webcam streaming/publishing/automating app) – video
VirtualDub – video and audio
Yahoo Messenger – only ‘webcam’ function
Google Video Chat – not working, attach-to-process debug reveals this will probably only work with kernel-mode drivers, either WDM or VFW. Kind of ironic.
AIM – not working. Who uses AIM or Yahoo anyways?
Pidgin – Pidgin is great, but doesn’t support audio or video. Soon Google will release the spec for XMPP based video. Maybe then Pidgin or some other application will allow user-mode capture.